The Telecommunication Market

Fifteen of one hundred of the world’s largest companies are part of the ITC-branch (information and telecommunication). The market is one of the most significant industries worldwide with an annual turnover of around three trillion Euros. Of that sum, the majority, approximately 1,740 trillion Euros, comes from telecommunications. The annual revenue growth is stable at approximately 5% per annum.

Mobile communications make up for a global sum of 845 billion Euros. Roughly half of that sum is generated through text message and information services. The other half of the sum; 423 billion Euros is made up of telephone calls. It surprises experts to learn that 2/3 of this turnover is paid for in advance by pre-paid customers. This amounts to around 282 billion Euros per annum.

a) On average, a mobile network customer generates 18-21 Euros turnover per month.
b) A pre-paid customer has a monthly turnover of approx. six to nine Euros*
c) Customers with a postPaid contract generate around 25 Euros* of turnover per month
d) An average mobile network minute has a final consumer cost of 0.09 Euros a minute. (International European average)
e) Despite some customers having paid over 1,000 Euros for contracts, the average ‚customer value’ of around 150 Euros has been established after analysis of several thousand transactions. Service and customer satisfaction are important criteria when it comes to the creation and preservation of concern value.

Telecommunication in Germany

Around 1.8% of the world’s mobile network customers are based in Germany and made for a turnover of approx. 66 billion Euros in 2014, which is roughly 4% of the global volume. 25 billion Euros are turned over in the mobile network annually. 60% are from pre-paid cardholders. Over 60%, around nine billion Euros, is made up of telephone connections.

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